Welcome to the DRUM HUB.

The Drum Hub is a unique new way to revolutionize your studies and push your abilities on the drumset to new heights.

Drum Hub seasons are made up of weekly private 1-on-1 lessons, group workshops with live participation and feedback, special guest artist appearances and instruction, instructional course access, and tons more bonus content.

Through this process you’ll see your drumming and practice methods transformed.

You will be guided - in both private instruction and the weekly workshops - through everything you need to develop flawless technique, advanced coordination and musical skills, and much more.

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Individual Lessons

Everyone is unique! The one-on-one lessons are where you'll get the guidance to help you along your own musical journey. 

Guest Artist Masterclasses

2023 guest artists include Anika Nilles and Bernard Purdie!

Group Workshops

Learn the concepts you need to supercharge your drumming! The group workshops will set you up with the information that will serve you for years 

 The Drum Hub experience is organized into 8 week sessions of world class instruction.
Small class sizes allow for individual attention while creating a greater number of performance opportunities during group masterclasses and workshops. This online format allows students to join from anywhere, providing world class faculty and education directly to you from the comfort of your own home.
Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis, please fill out the form below for details on upcoming classes.


  • Join a community of welcoming and passionate drummers!

  • Archives of group workshops, lessons, class materials, and more

  • Essential reading list provided

  • Career guidance

  • Audition coaching

  • Custom backing/practice tracks

  • Support between lessons, including troubleshooting your practice questions

  • Audio/video equipment recommendations for optimizing at-home recordings

Here's what past students had to say about the Drum Hub!

"I had one ultimate goal in my life and that was to make a living playing the drums. I can say with certainty that what I've learned from the Drum Hub will get me there. I feel a confidence in myself unlike anything I've ever felt about in my drumming career.

Dimitri is a fantastic teacher and he caters to your ergonomics unlike other teachers! He is really nice, jolly, and eager to help you learn efficiently and properly.

… Thank you so much Dimitri!”


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Tuition information is available upon request, please fill out the application form for details.