Bring Your Drums to Life!

Learn the techniques and approaches to develop freedom, speed, and expression on the drums, and have more fun on the drums than ever before!

What if you could stop struggling with your technique and develop true freedom on the drums?

With Rhythmic Freedom, you won’t wonder any longer why some drummers SOUND better when playing the same rhythms.  You’ll learn exactly the techniques, skills, and practice routines you need to reach that level, FAST!

Effortless technique

Learn how to make your hands and sticks WORK FOR YOU and not against you.  You’ll learn easy ways to practice technique to develop real proficiency and facility until you can play effortlessly!

Expressive articulation

Learn how to approach the exploration of sound, expression, and articulation in an easy to learn method … you’ll learn new ways to find inspiring sounds, grooves, and textures in your drumming.

Rhythmic Inspiration

You’ll find no shortage of creative rhythms to explore once you’ve learned this system for creating and practicing rhythmic cells and patterns!

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Discover the secrets to becoming a fluent, expressive, and creative  musician

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Tell me if this sounds like you:


You struggle with playing the same boring rhythms over and over ...


You're tired of your fills sounding dull and lifeless...


Maybe you wish there was a way for you to feel more expressive on the drums and add emotion and FEEL into the music without thinking.



What if there was a way to …


Sound like a pro drummer by focusing on a few key concepts with your practice time …


Expand the musicality of your playing by changing the way you THINK about rhythm and melody …


Learn how to become a more expressive and articulate drummer by following a clear step-by-step path ...

That’s why I created RHYTHMIC FREEDOM


Because you need the right roadmap to succeed on the drums…


Because I want to help you learn to make your technique work EFFORTLESSLY, so you can focus on the music, and learn how to create groove and emotion with your drumming.


I want you to feel good and make the music feel great when you play …


But most of all …


I want you to have a blast playing the drums!

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Discover the secrets to becoming a fluent, expressive, and creative  musician

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If you’re struggling with…


Playing the same fills and grooves whenever you sit down at the drumset.


Or maybe you’re just starting on the drums and want to get past the same beats and fills you’ve already heard a thousand times.


Maybe you’re a more experienced drummer that wants to find a way to open up new doors in your playing, you want to get back to the music.

Imagine if…


You could develop more freedom on the drums …


You could get back to feeling the emotion of the music like you did when you were a kid…


Imagine if accomplishing this didn’t take a thousand hours of paradiddles and it was actually fun!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside


The Rhythmic Checklist

Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned drummer, you need to have a system for practicing.  You'll build a foundation of rhythmic understanding, and develop what you need to get your drumming to the next level.

Sonic Control

You’ll learn to be expressive on the drums more than you ever thought was possible! 

You’ll start thinking more outside the box and find constant inspiration on the drums.

Articulation  Systems

Discover how to take a single rhythm and make endless musical ideas.  Expand your vocabulary by doing more with less.

Rhythmic Exercises

This module will contain tons of exercises, practice tips, and patterns to guide you along! This expansion to the course will be availble for free to all members starting December 2021.


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