Has your drumming has hit a plateau?

If you're struggling to improve your drumming, you're not alone.

Despite an endless supply of lessons online, thousands of drummers have come to me struggling with their technique. With so many people feeling the same way, our way of learning the drums has to change!

This course does just that. With The Technique Blueprint, you’ll learn how to transform your drumming by focusing on the things that really matter in your practice, becoming the incredible drummer who is already inside you!




Learning great technique CAN be easy …

If you thought developing great technique was difficult, think again!


Playing the drums with strong, effortless technique is supposed to be easy. You just need to know the steps to get there!


That’s why I designed this course to be the ultimate step-by-step technique guide for drummers …


  • No more guesswork on where to start or what to practice next.
  • Complete breakdowns of every essential hand technique needed to excel on the drumset
  • Master your new skills with guided exercises, assignments and goals designed to reinforce good playing habits


Here are some of the techniques and concepts you’ll learn and master inside the course. We break down every technique to its core mechanics, from slow to fast, with no detail spared. You’ll also get recommended practice routines and exercises to take each technique from its beginning steps to a professional level!


German vs French Grip

Knowing how to hold the sticks properly is fundamental to developing amazing technique.  By learning the basics of stick grip, you'll be able to play longer, faster, and with less tension from day one.

Finger vs Wrist Strokes

The mechanics and muscles you use dictate just what's possible to play.  You'll learn exactly how to master these muscle groups and WHEN to use them to their best effect!

Rebound Strokes

Learning the physics of your drums and sticks starts with the rebound stroke.  Take every advantage that science gives you and play with effortless technique!

Moeller Strokes

This technique is often taught but rarely mastered.  You'll learn every motion down to the smallest details and come to execute Moeller strokes with ease.

Ghost Notes

Let's face it. Subtlety is not often a strong suit for us drummers. But when you master dynamics on the drums, a whole world of music opens up.


With the methods and tools you'll learn in this module, you'll gain a level of control on the drums that you didn't know was possible!


Early Access Launch!


The Technique Blueprint is launching as an early access course.

At launch the course will include the first chapters on technique fundamentals - covering ergonomics, stick grip, posture, rebound strokes and more... everything you need to begin your journey to better technique!

You'll also get constant updates, including new lessons, modules, and exercises until it is feature complete!

With early access, you will also get the opportunity to get involved and help DESIGN the course yourself!

Submit your questions, lesson requests, ANYTHING you want to learn that is technique related. You get to shape your own education as requests are logged and incorporated into planned updates and modules. Join us on a journey toward improved technique and incredible drumming potential today!

See you inside the course!!




As a kid I was incredibly fortunate to have access to world class drum teachers and information, and I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for that!

It's why I'm so passionate about passing that opportunity on to the next generation of drummers.

You already have what it takes inside of you!  I want to show you how to practice technique in a way that helps you work with your own body, rather than fight against it.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate drummer looking to build good technique habits, or if you’re a professional player trying to hone your fundamentals, The Technique Blueprint will help you reach your drumming goals easier than ever before.




Here's what The Technique Blueprint WON'T teach you:

You won't learn fancy inapplicable licks and chops.

You won't learn outdated techniques or book methods.

You won't learn another dozen warmup routines that you don't need.

You also won't learn traditional grip (This is a matched grip only course)

You WILL learn how to build a STRONG foundation of technique that will serve you on the drums for the rest of your life.

Everything we do on the drums can be broken down to the fundamentals, and that's why I created this course. So you can nail the fundamentals once and for all!

Transform your drumming with the TECHNIQUE BLUEPRINT



for three months


$299 $249

one time


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Technique Blueprint, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.