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Say goodbye to all that wasted practice time: play fast, clean, and effortlessly with this step-by-step program...

Simply follow the blueprint to transform your drumming for good.

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Here’s how you’ll unlock effortless drumming with

The Technique Blueprint:

  • First, you'll get a clear roadmap to flawless technique, so you know every step along the way.

  • Then, you'll master the fundamentals most methods overlook, building the strongest foundation possible.
  • You'll program perfect technique into your muscle memory through this step-by-step system, so great drumming happens on auto-pilot.
  • Eliminate hours of wasted practice time every week by tapping into how your mind and body learn best, making your practice sessions truly effective.
  • Say goodbye to stagnation and unlock your potential with structured lessons that you can follow at your own pace.
  • Play with precision, fluidity, and less effort than ever before by transforming your drumming from the ground up.
  • Never waste time on guesswork or frustration again. Just follow the blueprint to technique mastery.
  • Transform your drumming as you master every nuance, ditching bad habits and methods that have been holding you back!

Because the thing is...

The “secret” to great technique is NOT found by putting more effort and time into methods that aren’t already working for you.


Your growth on the drums is dependent on learning how your mind and body truly work.

Learning rudiments and songs and incomplete systems on the internet aren’t enough.

You deserve something better. You need the right system to unlock your true potential on the drums.

Explore how The Technique Blueprint transforms your drumming through muscle memory programming


Through step-by-step motor learning, muscle memory encoding, and memory consolidation, this unique approach takes advantage of the latest research on how your mind and body learn best.

You'll encode flawless technique deep into your muscle memory with The Technique Blueprint. Every stroke will become automatic and feel effortless.

Most methods only teach the 'what' of drumming. They lack the true 'how' and 'why' behind the curtains to get you past your plateaus. This program fills that gap so that your body and mind will finally work together.

Say goodbye to all that wasted practice time: play fast, clean, and effortlessly with this step-by-step program… Simply follow the blueprint to transform your drumming from the ground up.

You’ll finally master the fundamentals – for good.


The Fundamental Mastery Module will give you the structure you need to gain complete control and freedom on the drums.

You’ll fix common mistakes, squash those bad habits, and learn all the crucial missteps to avoid along the way.

And with the fundamentals mastered, you’ll finally leave your drumming limitations behind and skyrocket your growth.

Never second guess what to practice.

Your very own Practice Framework will take all the frustration out of not knowing what to work on.

Your own practice routine and roadmap will be tailored exactly to your level and goals.

This unique Practice Framework will walk you step-by-step through what to practice and in what order, so you can stop guessing and start seeing consistent gains.

With this framework as your guide, you'll get the maximum results out of every practice session.


Transform your technique from the ground up.


The Technique Mastery Toolkit gives you the complete package to take your skills to the next level.

You'll get targeted training to play more fluidly than ever before.

Great technique will become effortless.

This comprehensive package will help you master every nuance, unlocking faster, cleaner rolls, total dynamic control, and much more.

With this toolkit you’ll unlock new levels of speed, power, and precision on the drums.

Your complete BLUEPRINT for great technique.

The blueprint curriculum gives you the complete roadmap to transform your technique and unlock your drumming potential...

All in an easy to follow step-by-step program.

You'll stop guessing and stay focused on meaningful practice to maximize your results by programming your muscle memory with the habits you want.

Studies on muscle memory encoding shows that the early stages are fragile but become stable through proper muscle memory consolidation. The Blueprint guides you through this transition so that great technique sticks - for good.

You’ll build the best possible foundation for your drumming, mastering every technique step-by-step.

(without leaving any details left to chance)

With the blueprint method, you’ll work with your body’s natural mechanics on a deep level, eliminating tension and fatigue, mastering every stroke on a deep level.

When you program your body and mind using The Technique Blueprint, great technique happens without you having to think about a thing.

That means playing with great technique will feel effortless… because it will be!

You’ll program these techniques to be second nature, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. You’ll have all the fun losing yourself in the music and stop worrying about your technique!

Cut years off your learning curve...


Drummers around the world are using The Technique Blueprint to dramatically impact their practice and transform their drumming.


The Smarter Drumming Guarantee

I'm so passionate about helping you realize your drumming goals and dreams that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to feel confident jumping into this program.

Take 30 days to go through the first two modules of The Technique Blueprint.

If after completing the first two modules and doing the included exercises, you still don't feel like you have the knowledge, clarity, or guidance to transform your drumming ...

Simply email my team at [email protected] for an immediate refund.

Why would I do this?

  1. Everything is laid out for you to make progress fast.
  2. The methods have worked SO WELL for myself and my students that I know you'll feel confident enough to benefit from the full program.
  3. These teachings have already helped my students around the globe to build phenomenal technique – from the beginners who see massive growth from The Technique Blueprint to the professional, world-touring drummers who come to me for guidance.

Sounds amazing! How much does it cost?

Taking weekly private lessons with a top drum teacher could cost $80-150 per hour. Over 12 months, that adds up to $4,160-$7,800 pretty fast.
You could also pay hundreds per year for an online lesson subscription. But those don't give you the unique step-by-step blueprint you'll get here.

The Technique Blueprint is a step-by-step program, so you can fully master these techniques quickly.

You'll get lifetime access to The Technique Blueprint and you'll be guided every step of the way, so you make constant progress...

Because I know you don't want another subscription to keep track of... I want you to retain these skills for life!

Anyways enough talking, here's everything you get inside:

The Technique Blueprint


One-time fee (payment plans available)

  • 🧠 The Blueprint Curriculum - a comprehensive path to great technique with over 3 hours of lessons featuring my personalized teaching methods and strategies.
  • 📓 Fundamental Mastery Module - Master the basics that pave the way for more advanced and expressive drumming.
  • 📈 Single Stroke Accelerator - Make your single stroke rolls faster and stronger with this step by step practice method.
  • 🎚 Perfect every nuance in your performances with the Dynamic Leveling System.
  • 🚀 Propel your wrist technique to new heights with the Wrist Stroke Speed Builders.
  • ✅ Never second guess your stick grip again by using the Stick Grip Checklist, setting you up for flawless, fatigue-free drumming.
  • 💡 Embrace your own personality and imagination using the Fill Freedom Framework, making every drum fill unique and exciting.
  • ☝️ Strengthen your grip and enhance your control using my Fulcrum and Finger Strengtheners
  • 🦾 Limb Control Workbook - equip yourself with exercises to synchronize and balance your limb movements, making complex patterns feel easy.
  • 📚 Open-Close Course - play with more speed, more precision, and less effort using this versatile technique.
  • 📖 Moeller Technique Course - master Moeller technique to play with fluidity, speed and effortless power.

(payment plan version available here)

Yes, Transform My Drumming!